Monday, 4 June 2012

ONS Update - Spreadsheet for BMDs (2012 June)

I have been Trattling the last couple of weeks - just not blogging.  I have now established a spreadsheet listing all entries that I find for Births, bapt, chr, marr - some deaths and burials.  Tis list includes the variants TRATTLE, TRATTEL, TRATTLES, TRATTELS, TRATLE, TRATLES, TRATTELL, TRATTELLS.  I was amazed at the number of TRATELs in the South in late 1700s and wonder are these linked somehow.  Some of them were merchant seamen.

The old parish records have given me much new info to work on.

Also just come across the Merchant Seamen index for 1845-1854 :

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  1. Lynnes Transcript:
    Lynnes Transciption:
    314890 Trattle Joseph - Leethorpe
    432823 Trattle Daniel - Southsea
    474973 Trattles Edwin - Gosport
    70410 Trattles Thomas - Staithes
    56944 Trattles Laurence Ugthorpe
    72816 Trattles James - Lofthouse
    249321 Trattles Peter - Ugthorpe
    52590 Trattles Robt - Loftus
    263752 Trattle Aug's Chs - Gosport
    139442 Trattles Thos - Loftus
    341967 Trattles Wm - Staithes
    219483 Trattle Henry - Postsmo'
    155349 Trattles John - Staithes
    193267 Trattles Matthew - Staithes


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