About Trattles ONS

How did this study start?

My mother, Edna, was born a Trattles in 1926. In 1995 I commenced researching my own family tree and had very little luck in establishing any accurate information about mams Grandfather John James Trattles. In the hope that I would eventually find him and his parents I commenced gathering information on all Trattles that I found. At the time information on the WWW was limited and I relied heavily upon local records offices and some very friendly and helpful Trattlers out there!

My secondary interest/hobby in IT was also developing and I set about making my own personal website which did hold information and a database on my Trattles information. In 10 years I received many contacts and queries from like minded Trattlers across the world. Whilst I believe I was helpful to some, others I never got around to contacting due to personal circumstances in more recent years.

The time has now come to re-establish my Trattles interest and along with re-developing my website and organising my contacts, I have registered the Trattles surname with the Guild of One Name Studies, February 2012.

Variant Surnames
This study also includes those individuals with the surname variants of Tratles and Trattle. Beware though, there are many 'deviants' (transcription / spelling errors) of the name many including : Frattles, Fratles, Fattles, Fatles, Batles and Battles.

Origins of the Surname Trattles
I have no accurate information on the origin of the surname, however it is fair to say that many ancestors of todays Trattles appear to have links to the NE of England (specifically Hinderwell) in the 1600s.
It has been said that Trattles may have come to the shores of England from Denmark, though I have no source material to back this up.

Distribution of the surname in the UK
I have transcribed all Trattles in census returns 1841-1911. Please see the graphs showing on theDistribution page for details of County coverage in the UK.
1841 - 116
1851 - 107
1861 - 96
1871 - 102
1881 - 110
1891 - 155
1901 - 159
1911 - 177

UK 2002 Statistics:The National Statistics database of England, Wales & Isle of Man for 2002 states:
Trattles - there was 231 instances of this surname and it was ranked 19,436th out of 270,000 surnames
Trattle - there was 10 instances of this surname and it was ranked 143,714th out of 270,000 surnames

Previous News:
Chris Mallinson, another longstanding 'Trattler', has been carrying out detailed reseach into William Trattles of Raw Fylingdales. He has come across some research which leads us to believe that we now have a link between the Trattles of Marske & Brotton and the Trattles of Staithes.

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