Sunday 2 October 2022 is Sunday 2nd October 2022....and oh so much has happened since my last post! (4 years ago! shameful !!! 🤯) with probably the key things being Covid 19 and I retired!

A family history acquaintance / distant Trattles relative (confirmed via DNA) has got me back on the Trattles trail so I thought I would record my journey. So here goes.

Chris has enrolled myself and John on a Trattles collaboration ;0) 

We are starting with the Brotton and Marske (Yorkshire) clans and seeing if we can agree their origins and descendants.

Today I have sent to Chris, for review, my thoughts on who is who and where did they come from and go! (Using actual parish records, which thankfully many are on line, & wills etc) I will share to the blog, once I get it looked over.  Much of this has already been done by Chris

There are now many trees on ancestry that have conflicting records / individuals as parents etc and often it is because trusting individuals think the info they are collecting is accurate, but unfortunately, often it is not. It is based on assumptions and little more than that.

Chris John & I are hoping to provide as much evidence as possible to confirm the actual Trattles family lines, as accurately as possible.

Through my journey i will share any titbits of info of records... such as I just read this:

Ugthorpe, Roman Catholic St Annes, Burials:  "1819 May 28 Ann Trattles 29 Ugthorpe child birth & neglect"

For anyone with a Find My Past Subscription, this is the record: Here

I am currently working through the Roman Catholic Trattles / Trastle records to piece this space.

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