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I have been researching my family history since the 1990s. Along the way I have commenced a one name study of the surname Trattles (My mother was born a Trattles), I gathered a 'few' Trattles and have now registered the name with the Guild of One Name Studies. My other interests are dogs, wildlife, birds and photography. I compile family trees for individuals, requesting a donation to local small animal charities.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

11th May 2012

William H Trattles - South Shields - 1901-1904.

11th May 2012
7:55 - Spent an hour loading info to Wm re all the ships he travelled on as a steward in early 1900s. The realised there are 2 Wm H Trattles born in Sth Shields between 1901 - 1904. One to Wm and one to George H ;0(

8:10 - Sussed. The above were cousins - their grandfather being Matthew Trattles. The steward on ships was son of George H. Based on 1911 address and George (dad) was also a steward - where Uncle Wm was a Jet ornament manufacturer.

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