Friday 30 December 2022

Trattles ONS Review - Update 2022 Dec

 Trattles One Name Study Review - Update for the end of 2022:

I have almost completed my review of all Trattles Baptisms, Marriages and Burials up to 1850's.  This has involved mostly using 'Find My Past' (which holds all the Yorkshire Parish Records images) reviewing the actual source image and not just relying on transcripts.... which in many cases are not accurate.

** Interestingly I noticed that on 1/12/2022 Ancestry have published NYRO North Yorkshire Parish records with images, previously only available on FMP

My spreadsheet (I need a name for my list ;0) holds the following key data, and a lot more...

  • Individual Id number 
  • Individual Forenames and Surnames (Eg Trattles, Tratle, Trottle etc)
  • Event date (for either: birth, baptism, marriage banns, marriage, death, burial, civil registration)
    • Mostly records are for baptisms, marriages & burials
  • Likely YOB (year of birth)
  • Likely YOD (year of death)
  • District Parish (where event occurred)
  • Places mentioned in record (a bapt, marr or bur location did not necc mean that is where individual was from. Some records state where they actually were from or where spouse was from etc)
  • Family Group (my column to try and link records into individual families)
  • Father Name
  • Mother Name
  • Spouse Name
  • Marriage Witness Names
  • Age at event
  • Individual columns for source hyperlinks (eg FMP NYRO, FMP Tees Archives etc)

29th December I commenced entering all my records into a new Trattles Tree on Ancestry.

I had 2 choices:

  • Review and Update my existing tree (commenced over 15 years ago) 
  • or start from scratch
I decided to start from scratch. My original tree had so much "stuff", notes, emails, links that i had kept private as some were sensitive in nature.
It was also clear that I had some people linked to wrong families, mistakes made along the years, taken down wrong paths from incorrect transcriptions or wrong assumptions
I had not correctly sourced all my info, so making it difficult for me to justify why i believed an individual belonged to one family and not another.

So today (and no doubt for many months to come), I am now working on building my new tree.  I have added 60 records so far. 
My plan of action (so far):
  1. Add all Thomas and Robert "Trattles" Baptisms (include parent and location info if available)
  2. Fill in obvious family details for (no 1).,, (siblings, parents, locations etc)
  3. Link all sources (identify how will use sourcing consistently) for above records
  4. Add all Marske & Brotton records (I have already reviewed this group and have yet to publish my findings)......... and source!
  5. Add all Hinderwell records.... and re-attempt to sort that jigsaw out ;0)

Sunday 2 October 2022 is Sunday 2nd October 2022....and oh so much has happened since my last post! (4 years ago! shameful !!! 🤯) with probably the key things being Covid 19 and I retired!

A family history acquaintance / distant Trattles relative (confirmed via DNA) has got me back on the Trattles trail so I thought I would record my journey. So here goes.

Chris has enrolled myself and John on a Trattles collaboration ;0) 

We are starting with the Brotton and Marske (Yorkshire) clans and seeing if we can agree their origins and descendants.

Today I have sent to Chris, for review, my thoughts on who is who and where did they come from and go! (Using actual parish records, which thankfully many are on line, & wills etc) I will share to the blog, once I get it looked over.  Much of this has already been done by Chris

There are now many trees on ancestry that have conflicting records / individuals as parents etc and often it is because trusting individuals think the info they are collecting is accurate, but unfortunately, often it is not. It is based on assumptions and little more than that.

Chris John & I are hoping to provide as much evidence as possible to confirm the actual Trattles family lines, as accurately as possible.

Through my journey i will share any titbits of info of records... such as I just read this:

Ugthorpe, Roman Catholic St Annes, Burials:  "1819 May 28 Ann Trattles 29 Ugthorpe child birth & neglect"

For anyone with a Find My Past Subscription, this is the record: Here

I am currently working through the Roman Catholic Trattles / Trastle records to piece this space.

Sunday 19 August 2018

Request for Info from USA

I received a request for assistance from the USA last week.
A gentleman looking for information on his Grandmother Helen Trattles.

This sparked me into action, following a log absence from my Trattles research. Helen was the wife of Laban Trattles....who you will see I was attempting to look into back in 2012. I have now managed to link Laban back to a line in Staithes Yorkshire.

Request for Info 2018-08-08 Helen Trattles (nee Reimer)

Query in relation to Trattles family in USA

Helen Trattles was German speaking but was born in Nebraska. Her parents migrated to USA from Russia, though there is some confusion about their actual nationality. 

The following appears to be a record of Leroy Lebans marriage to Helen in 1932. Her maiden name is Reimer:

1900 USA Census
Helen Reimer - age 1 - Date of Birth (DoB) 5/9/1898 - Place of Birth (PoB) Nebraska -
Leabe Reimer - age 36 - DoB 1863 - PoB Russia
This census tells us that Leabe & Nicklaus (on previous page) have been married 12 years… so they married in 1888 - with it also telling us that Leabe arrived in the USA in 1874/9… so the marriage must have taken place in America. Though I cannot find any records on line.

Image Removed due to copyright laws - transcription will be available soon

1910 USA Census
Nick Reimer - age 45 - PoB Rus. German (this means, born Russia, German speaking)
Helen Reimer - age 11 - PoB Nebraska
Leabe Reimer - age 47 - PoB Ger. German

Image Removed due to copyright laws - transcription will be available soon

1920 USA Census
Nick Reimer - age 65 - PoB German - Language German
Helen Reimer - age 22 - PoB Nebraska
Liabe Reimer - age 67 - PoB Poland - Language Polish
Image Removed due to copyright laws - transcription will be available soon
Clearly between the census' there is a discrepancy in places of origin and Dates of Birth.
Could it have been just a misinterpretation at the time the census was taken?
Personally I believe this to be the case - and they should have been aged 55/54 respectively. So could that mean that the enumerator stated the incorrect places of birth? However it seems odd to have entered Poland instead of Germany?

1930 USA Census
Nick Reimer - age 65 - PoB Rus. German
Helen Reimer - age 31 - PoB Nebraska
It appears that Leabe has now died and that Nicholas has re-married.

Image Removed due to copyright laws - transcription will be available soon

1940 USA Census - Sacramento, California

Image Removed due to copyright laws - transcription will be available soon

I have located other family trees that have Helen's family recorded, and they have concluded that her mother Liebe was born in Germany in 1864 and has the parents: Friederich Proboll & Anna Navzitsky, but I cannot find any evidence to prove this.

In regards to the Hebron/Trattles family that emigrated to USA from England - there is a collection of many letters from Jane Hebron (nee Trattles) (your Great Great Great Grandmother) that she wrote back home to relatives in the UK and replies she received... about their new life in America...please look at:


Monday 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

My New Years Resolution... to re-start my Trattles research and blog....!!

Saturday 22 December 2012

Friday 9 November 2012

Trattles ONS Update 2012 November

I have been busy - but just not writing in my blog ;0(
Further names/descendants have been adding to the database - There is currently 3760 individuals recorded.
2 people have enquired in the last months about potential links to the Trattles, which I have provided information about and I have been able to clarify a few more descendants.
I am daily tidying up the Trattles individuals, trying to find info about them and double checking sources recorded against them... still trying to link lines to each other... ONE BIG JIGSAW

Trattles ONS Review - Update 2022 Dec

 Trattles One Name Study Review - Update for the end of 2022: I have almost completed my review of all Trattles Baptisms, Marriages and Buri...